Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from my first visit? Nya will personally complete a 60 minute evaluation and initiate treatment during your first visit. The evaluation consists of a detailed health history intake, followed by an assessment of your strength, flexibility and orthopedic special tests. Treatment consists of manual therapy (intra-vaginally and/or intra-anally when appropriate), myofasical release and exercise. Nya has created a warm, safe, private treatment room with low natural lighting. Please wear clothing that makes you feel most comfortable-fresh full sheets will be provided for draping if appropriate. Feel free to bring your partner or support person.

I’m not comfortable with internal pelvic floor assessment and/or treatment. Is there any other way to assess and treat this area? Patients comfortability is my number one priority and always comes first. There are numerous direct and indirect assessment and treatment techniques that do not involve internal work. 

How long to wait after giving birth to start Pelvic PT? According to The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologist every woman has individualized needs and waiting the traditional 6 weeks may be unnecessary. In most cases, 2 weeks postpartum is adequate to begin external pelvic floor rehabilitation regardless of vaginal or cesarean delivery. As a breastfeeding, working mom of THREE I understand and encourage your need to bring your little one to your sessions. 

What exactly is the pelvic floor? The pelvic floor is literally the floor or bottom of your pelvis. It is comprised of muscles, ligaments, nerves and sphincters that support your pelvic organs, stabilize your spine, control the flow of urine and feces and provide sexual function. 

Can’t I just do Kegels to strengthen my pelvic floor? Kegels (voluntarily squeezing the pelvic floor) can be ineffective or harmful if your pelvic floor is tight and overworked. Kegels can strain muscles and exacerbate many pelvic symptoms. When Kegels are appropriately prescribed, they should only be a small component of your overall plan for pelvic health and rehabilitation. 

Do you treat men and women? Yes. Pilates PT and Pelvic Floor Rehab is an inclusive space that welcomes EVERY BODY. We also treat adolescents.

What Covid-19 precautions are you taking? I wear an N-95 mask at all times and gloves when appropriate. Patients are also to wear a mask at all times. 15 minute gaps are scheduled between each client to clean rooms, equipment and prevent waiting room back-up. Treatment rooms are ventilated and/or equipped with HEPA filters. Personally, my family and I are continuing to adhere to strict social distancing recommendations.